Surron Makes Cycle News Magazine!

Surron Makes Cycle News Magazine!

It was a proud day in our offices last week when the newest issue of Cycle News landed in our inboxes. Our excitement started when we spotted our name ON THE COVER of Vol. 29, Issue 30, but what made our day was the 7-page review of the Light Bee X featured inside.

"It's such a versatile bike that covers a lot of ground in different environments," said CN's off-road editor Ryan Nitzen. "We found its most significant advantages in three areas: teaching new riders, riding in new places that you normally wouldn't even consider, and its overall low maintenance."

"Regardless of how you feel about charge-and-go two-wheeled vehicles, innovation is something we here at Cycle News enjoy," he added. "The Surron brand aligns with that ideology, and their Light Bee X is another option in the growing world of electric two-wheeled vehicles."

Click the link below to read the latest issue, and find the Light Bee X review starting on page 98.

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